New project participants, please complete an application here,

and submit this completed checklist to Gina Patterson

Original Instructions for initial project participants awardees:


  • Hire CNA students *

  • Training provider completes the Initial Application (283B) & submits it to CDPH & the facility submits a copy to QCHF

  • Facility completes a Letter of Commitment for retention bonus with CNA student & submits to QCHF

-We have provided a template, for you to print on your company letterhead. However, you may use your own document, articulating the same agreement, if you prefer


  • If you have not yet selected a nursing assistant training program to send your new hires to, find a program here  

Exam & Certification

  • Once the student graduates, they will need to successfully pass the competency evaluation examination

  • Once they have passed, it will take at least 30 days for CDPH to review the results from the testing vendor

  • To check the status of the student's certification, you can either use the phone verification line, or the website:

Webinars & Support Calls

All webinars and support calls found here:

Webinar Schedule

Support Call Schedule 

Please watch the corresponding webinar prior to the support call. 

* If using a community-based program, check your 280A form to see if you can hire and work nursing assistants while they get trained to be certified. Contact project coordinator with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If one student we put through the NATP drops out, can project grant funds be put towards another student? 

Yes. All verification documents are required still for a replacement student. For instance, if you have a student drop out before getting certified, but have received tuition reimbursement for their proof of enrollment & graduation, you can submit a new student's information for the certification payment. However, just keep in mind you would still be required to submit the letter of commitment verifying a retention bonus, and the initial CNA Application - 283B. 

Do my sponsored students need to be employed with us?

Yes. They can be employed in any position, to qualify for the project. Please check your 280A form from CDPH to see if you are able to employ them as nursing assistants (NAs) while they go to the NATP. If using a community-based training program, they do not have to be paid for their time in attendance of the training. Please keep in mind how employee retention in this regard may impact QASP payment. 

How much does the retention bonus for the CNA have to be? 

To be eligible for grant project funds you must commit to providing your new CNAs with a retention bonus of a minimum of $500, after 12 successful months of employment. 

The CNA Training Kickstarter Project will train up to 1,000 CNAs, and assist long-term care facilities with developing up to 60 in-house CNA training programs state-wide in California.




Gina Patterson

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