Begin promptly by following the instructions as deadlines will come quickly. The NATP Application Instruction Checklist outlines the steps for submitting a successful NATP application. The attached checklist for grant payment reflects the necessary benchmarks to receive your grant payment. Please familiarize yourself with the instructions and documents provided on this website. Watch webinar 'CNA - Kickstarter Series - E. Successful Facility-based NATP Application' before getting started on any application materials. This webinar will be your primary guide.


Webinars are available on the QCHF Learning Center. Detailed instructions on how to register and view webinars can be found here, and are also available in the document hub. All webinars are viewable on-demand, providing you with flexibility to view when your schedule allows.

Required webinars:

* Facilities who submitted a NATP application prior to grant award letter receipt are exempt

Support Call Schedule

Kickstarter Project support calls are live sessions on the GoToWebinar platform. This website provides us with helpful technological functions which help us engage more meaningfully with you.

More support calls to come; watch for future project emails with further details.








The CNA Training Kickstarter Project will train up to 1,000 CNAs, and assist long-term care facilities with developing up to 60 in-house CNA training programs state-wide in California.




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